401k Statement and Cross Sell: This video functions as a monthly statement that breaks down the highlights of the account. This particular video also includes an up sell portion that attempts to show reasons why a particular client would want to increase their monthly contribution to the plan. Finally, the video provides a cross sell opportunity. The first portion serves as an engagement tool to help customers better understand what they have, and what that can mean for the future. The remaining portion of the video lends itself towards increasing the long term value of the customer by up selling/cross selling them.

Mortgage Statement and Refinance Opportunity: This video provides the mortgage holder with the summary of their current mortgage. In addition, it promotes the possibility of saving money on their current mortgage payment, by refinancing at a lower rate. This video not only engages the client by showing their current mortgage numbers, but also works to entice the customer to refinance to save money, but more importantly, to remain a customer. Everyone’s looking to save money, so if you aren’t marketing to your existing clientele, other companies will be.

Insurance Onboarding: The purpose of this video is to welcome aboard new Health Insurance policy holders. In addition to welcoming them on as a new policy holder, it goes on to explain some of the details that the plan has to offer. For those that don’t understand some of the insurance verbiage, it also helps explain what some of these buzz words mean. Finally, it makes sure the new policy holder is aware of how to reach them if any questions arise.

Credit Card Statement, Rewards & Offers: This video functions as a credit card statement, explaining the monthly balances, and what spend categories the recipient made charges for on their card. Upon engaging the recipient, the video continues to remind them what kind of value the card brings by displaying the reward points, and alerting them to what they can spend those reward points on. The end of the video offers an enticing opportunity for current credit card users to transfer over balances from other cards. The goal of this is to increase the long term value of that particular credit card holder.

Financial Institution Onboarding Version 1: In speaking with many banks and credit unions, the largest request we receive is to create an onboarding video welcoming new customers to the bank/credit union. A personalized welcome video not only stands out, but it kicks off the process of engaging the audience so that future messages are received, and not discarded. This welcome message not only thanks them for becoming a new customer, it also allows the financial institution to make the consumer aware of other products and promotions that are currently available to them.

Financial Institution Onboarding Version 2: This video is the exact same content and script that is used in version one, but with a totally different creative spin on it. Unique creative and background music can completely change the feel of the video. In this instance, the fun and upbeat music, paired with the characters in the video, make for a much more relaxed and entertaining message. Each video can be created to match the vibe that your company is looking to exude.

Compliance Documents: All financial institutions have some sort of documents that they’re required to have reviewed, and/or signed off on by their clients, for the sake of compliance.  This video essentially walks the end user through the document to help them better understand the content within the document.  This not only assures that the recipient has indeed reviewed the document, but also that they’ve been explained in a consistent manner that only a video can do.

Budgeting: Videos are a great way to explain monthly summaries of any sort.  This particular video is used for a monthly budgeting summary.  Not only does this video supply high level information like the amount of incoming money and overall expenditures, but it also breaks down what those expenses included, and what percentage of total spend came from the top monthly expenses.  This video then goes on to upsell an “offer” to the recipient.  That then transforms this engagement video into a lead generation tool.

Automotive Leasing:  As is the case with many financial products, one of the main selling points to retain customers is to offer them “better” products or rates, for similar, or lower payments.  That’s exactly what this video is here to accomplish.  Who wouldn’t want to upgrade to a brand new vehicle, for a LOWER payment.  If that fact alone isn’t enough to convince someone to participate in this offer, this video runs through a variety of other reasons why taking this offer is a “no-brainer”.  At minimum, the goal of this video is to generate a lead or name to the automotive company.

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