Real Estate Videos

Custom Video for Real Estate Professionals

When your customers and prospects begin to look for a new home or commercial property, that search almost always begins on the web. There are many real estate websites where individuals can browse properties in their local area that are for lease, rent or sale. Thus, since video has become the most engaging and consumed content on the web, Silver6 Personalized Video now offers a custom video solution for real estate companies.

Improve the User Experience

Online real estate listings have come a long way over the past decade. A quick Google search displays an assortment of local and national listing companies and their available inventory. Most listings include high-quality images and an in-depth overview of the property. Now, the most compelling online real estate listings also include a “video tour” of the property. These videos, in most cases, are shot on a Smart Phone, featuring the real estate agent walking through and describing the property. Silver6 real estate videos will improve video creation process for your agents, featuring a formal video displaying the property with customizable voice-over. The result:   Increased engagement and more sales!

User-Friendly Platform

The Silver6 custom video platform for real estate listings is quickly implemented and easily maintained. You work with Silver6 developers to setup your platform then users are trained on how to it works. Once your team is trained, creating videos for each property listing is as simple as uploading the video and specific listing data points. If users need assistance, the Silver6 support team is there to help, ensuring you are getting the most out of your custom real estate videos.

Higher Engagement Leads to More Sales

As a real estate professional, improving the buying process for your customers and prospects is of utmost importance. Silver6 custom videos simplify this process—and make it much more impactful and enjoyable—by enabling the agent to provide a professional-quality virtual “walk-through tour” of the property.  This is important, because gone are the days when those in the market for homes or commercial properties are willing and/or able to spend the time to physically visit multiple locations before making a purchase decision. Instead, today’s real estate shoppers are using the internet to narrow their final list down to a few properties.   Thus, you can differentiate your listings—and ensure they make that final cut—by having a customized video as a cornerstone for your marketing and sales efforts.

To get started improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your real estate marketing and sales efforts—and ultimately increasing sales—simply contact Silver6 today to schedule a free demonstration. Our team of developers will walk you through the video platform, and create a sample video demo specifically catered to your business.

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