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Top Industries for Silver6 Personalized Videos

Here at Silver6, we are proud that our powerful, personalized video platform is fully customizable, making it very effective across most industries. In fact, we recently wrote a blog post about the power and versatility of personalized video. Here are some areas where our product really shines…


Personalized videos that communicate individual investment information are some of our strongest performers. Updates on 401K/retirement and other investment portfolios come to life in video, making them easy to digest. A variety of eye-catching visual elements are available including charts, graphs and other data-organization mechanisms. And from a marketing point-of-view, the ability to insert cross sell and upsell messages has proven to be able to increase contribution amounts and/or frequency.

Credit Card, Mortgage and Student Loans

Credit card, and mortgage and student loan updates become more engaging when personalized video messages replace mailed or emailed statements. Improve the customer engagement with periodic financial statements by communicating them via video, using the Silver6 personalized video platform for financial companies. Account balance, interest costs and savings opportunities can be communicated quickly and in a more compelling manner—using personalized video—rather than a paper statement.

Real estate

Real estate companies/agents can improve and expedite their selling effectiveness using personalized videos for real estate listings. Pictures are great but viewing a video walk-through of a home or commercial property is the next best thing to an in-person visit. Creating video listings will improve your online engagement; as a result you can reduce time on market and increase sales!


No matter what type of analytics you are trying to communicate, a customized Silver6 platform will produce attention-grabbing, engaging videos. Replace paper-based analytic reports with video-driven reports that your audience will truly engage with, and fully consume.

Employee onboarding/benefits enrollment

We have all started a new job or participated in benefits enrollment and been overwhelmed with information and paperwork. Silver6 videos can be personalized for any benefits structure. In doing so, you will provide employees with a better experience, resulting in increased understanding and participation…two primary goals for human resource departments.

Not on the list? No problem.

If your business does not fall into one of these categories, do not worry! The Silver6 truly personalized video platform can be customized for nearly any business. Contact us today…our engineers will give you a free product demonstration and provide a personalized video example just for your organization.

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